Welcome to ExQuisite Dienstleistungen

You need a faithful partner to transport your fleet of vehicles ?

You fed up receiving bad or inflexible service, not reaching time targets or unfriendly or not motivated driver ?

You prefer being relaxed and knowing your vehicles (as car, van or motorcycle) is in secure and trustful hands !

Here we are, your trustfully partner for all service around automobile transportation within the EU!

Due our perennial experience in this business sector and working with multinational car rental or leasing companies as with private individuals, we offer you a unique and exquisite services (please find detailed listing of our services in the block: `Services`).

Of course all transported vehicles have fully transport insurance during the way. Our comprehensive general liability insurance makes sure, that in case of accident or loss of your property, the insurance covers all relevant expenses (Exception: previous or hidden damages and road stone as well no damages of the third party insurance).

Our device
We practice the device, not to grow up as fast as possible, but rather controlled and continuous. ` Be BETTER than the others!! `
In the following pages you will see a summary of the services offered by our company. Many thanks for your kind interest and attention.

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