Vehicle Transfer:

We drive your car in all countries within the European Union respectively pick up your vehicle and bring it home to you.  Our public liability insurance covers all over Europe.

Vehicle Transfer on own axis:

This means to transfer a vehicle, quickly, flexible and without bureaucracy from point A to point B.  Due to our steady utilization, we have every day, drivers moving within Germany. As a result, we need in average 1-3 days to realize your mandate.

Transfer of new Vehicles (e.g. Leasing):

You have no time or don`t want to spend a long time to pick up your new car. You just need to authorize our company and we will handle it for you.

Car Retrieval:

Because of injury or medical condition, you are not able to bring back your car at home. We handle it instead and bring your vehicle including, passengers and all your luggage secure and quickly.

Airport Transfer:

You will fly on vacation or on a business trip, but not want to leave your car at the airport parking area. We handle it, bring you to the airport, welcome you when coming back.
Meanwhile your car will be parked in our  parking spaces.

Car Maintain and Interior Cleaning:

Please ask for your individual offer of small repairs and interior cleaning service due we offer this service only for our existing customer.

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