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Our company was established in the Year 2010 with the global aim to serve our prestigious clients on a very high service level, but with competitive prices.

Our customers are mainly global Car Rental companies or Business Vehicle Leasing companies and also Car Dealerships, as well as many private individuals, which needs reliable and flexible partners.

Meanwhile we have trained many professional drivers, practicing our standard guidelines, as no smoking and taking care about our transport vehicles, speed controlled driving and perfect organization of way and time and professional reporting. Even, if we mainly operate within Germany,Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Czech Republic, we would be glad to offer you transports within the other countries of European Union and may offer our service to other countries outside the EU (according to legal regulations).

ExQuisite Dienstleistungen e.K.  work only with approved and experienced drivers, all located in Nuremberg and surroundings. We never have agreements with sub-contractors. We made this decision, because of having more influence about the behavior and handling of your vehicles.  If we stay in contact with all our drivers, we are able to source out irregularities (e.g. Smoking in car, changes in private environment and possible starting of alcohol consumption).

All our professional drivers are between 25-65 years of age, have a minimum of 5 years driving experience and no entry in German driving register.  We train and instruct all drivers for at least two weeks, indicating all relevant topics, especially reporting of the transportation in written and photographical manner.

Please allow a few additional topics about ExQuisite Dienstleistungen e.K. drivers:

All our drivers using latest technical equipment, e.g. mobile telephone, TMC Navigation and digital Photo cameras. This allows us to react on changes in your arrangements or traffic jams as flexible as possible.

Our drivers need to legitimate themselves every time. So they carry their driving license and identity card continually.

As one of our main topics is the satisfaction of our customers, we take care about reasonable and proper documentation of our trips.  Therefore we fill out, before starting our mandate, a transportation protocol, including all important matters (Date and time, mileage, fuel level, damages and accessories) and  at the end of the transportation mission we complete the transport protocol and hand out all parties a copy.

Our comprehensive general liability insurance covers all damages, which might be occure during our mandate. If needed, we would hand out you an authentication by our insurance company.

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